gear housed in our sound laboratory



Genelec 1030 A 2x

Genelec 1094 A Subwoofer

Scandyna Minipods 2x

NAD C315BEE power amplifier



Brauner VM1 Tube Microphone (Nr. 0585)

Brauner Phantom AE (Nr. 0562)

Sontronics Sigma (ribbon)

Russian OAO Oktava MK012 2x

Placid Audio Copperphone

Neumann KMS105

Audix D6

Shure SM57 4x

Shure SM58

Shure 520DX (green bullet)

Sennheiser MD21 (vintage)

Behringer ECM8000 (measurement mics) 2x

1974 analog telephone


Microphone preamps

Solid State Logic X-Rack Mic Amp Module 2x

Focusrite ISA 215 Vintage Mic Preamp 2x

Universal Audio 610B Tube Preamp

DBX 576 Valve Preamp

Apogee Mini-Me 2x

Apogee Mini-MP 2x


Compressors, Limiters & EQs

Summit Audio DCL-200 Compressor/Limiter

Universal Audio 1176LN Limiting Amplifier

Focusrite ISA 215 EQ

DBX 576 EQ & Valve Compressor/Limiter

DBX 160 A Compressor/Limiter



Reussenzehn "Birdie" Rotor-Cabinet (Leslie)

Reussenzehn Organ Studio Tube Amp

Euphonix MC Control

DBX 902 Deesser 2x

Roland SDD-320 Dimension D

Mackie Big Knob

Novation Nova

DBX 110 Subharmonic Synthesizer (vintage)

E-Magic MT-4


A/D and D/A Converters

Lavry Blue LE 4496 2x A/D 2x D/A

Apogee Mini-Me 24-bit / 96 kHz 2x

RME Fireface 12x A/D 12 D/A

Motu 24 I/O & PCI 424 24-bit / 96 kHz 24x

Edirol FA-66 24-bit / 192 kHz 4x



- Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro 8

- Waves AU plug-ins, complete collection.

- Apple Loops, complete collection.

- Apple's Jam Packs, the complete collection.

- Soundtrack Pro 2

- MainStage

- WaveBurner

- Euphonix Eucon

- Motu CueMix DSP

- Final Cut Express

- Session Link Pro


Multitracking & Playback

- Apple Mac Pro 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon

- Apple Mac Pro Intel Dual Core

- Apple 30'' Cinema Display

- Apple 23" Cinema Display

- Apple MacBook Pro






people, bands and projects worked for / with


Les Pornographes : Brassens covers

Les Racontars Arctiques : Jorn Riel readings

Albert Lee : Grammy awarded guitar hero

Chris Slade : AC/DC drummer

Miro : Billy the funky man

Gaël Métroz : film director


Michael Schenker : Scorpions guitar hero

Paul Mac Bonvin : swissmade country music

Thierry Romanens : singer & actor

Marc Aymon : french songs

Manuella Maury : TV woman & journalist

Julien Pouget : song writer


Célina Ramsauer : french songs singer

Stéphane Chapuis : accordion maestro

Bernie Constantin : singing iguana

Michel Neuville : french songs

The Doors Revival : The Doors covers

Pierre-André Thiébaud : film director


Bertrand Bitz : french pop songwriter

Pierre Zufferey : painter & multiartist

Christophe Fellay : drummer

Generations Arc-en-ciel : choir

Thierry Epiney : music writer & director

Sébastien Giniaux : cellist & gitarrist


David Weber : Sound man & producer

Myriam de Rougemont : jazz piano & vocals

Happy Voices : three gospel singers

Hirsute : silk-voice electro-pop

Dominique Savioz : beautiful french songs


Charlotte Parfois : subversive folk rock

Jacko and the Wasmachine : french rock

Bazil Félix : one man electro project

Georges Michel : show man

Inez Cierna : stage director

Tonton Gmbh : Tonstudio Basel


Stéphane Borgeaud : french songs

Et Caetera : french songs

Alpradio : 100% alpine music

Compagnie Gaspard : theatre freaks

Dance Academy : dance school


Michael Voss : german producer

Chris Glen : cool scottish bass player

Arco Iris : string topped pop band

Chronics : english acoustic grunge

Mouvement et Dance : dance school


Didier de Iaco : screenplay & movie director

Sabine Zaalene : multiartist

Amélie R. : french pop-rock

Dan Bento : sax player

Jean-Marie Briaud : french songs


La Main Verte : sonic arts corporation

Fun & Floor Guide : urban culture mag

Lézion Etrang-R : french rap

Martine et les Garçons manquants : songs

Hugo : snapshots of musical poetry


Zion's Power : reggae with funk elements

To The Vanishing Point : elecro-songwriting

Colorblind : english folk songwriting

FVS Event : evnt services

Hillside : english pop-rock


Coccinell'band : big band

Harry Hope : french crooner from Paris

Hermine N'Dongo : cameroonese singer

Aktarus : eighties sounding electro disco

Alice : golden voice french songs


Fleuve Congo : good mooded folk-ska

Den Hartogh Productions AG : TV

Valentin Carron : swiss sculptor

Natasha Waters & the sad Riders : songs

Daniel Duqué : screenplay writer & director


Zaï On : offbeat based fusion

Syndic K : rap project

CJB : Geneva's botanical garden

ASA-Valais : association for mental illness

Viewzik : all purpose music factory


Phénix Records : label featuring Herbie

Daruma Productions : french label

Seahorse Recordings : italian label

Saïko Records : swiss music label

Jerkov Musique : french music label


Anticraft : french distibution

Goodfellas : italian distribution

Believe : digital distribution based in Paris

Irascible : swiss record disribution

Studio du Flon : Benoît Corboz's lab


Roystone Studio : a real studio not so far

Mikeli Studio : Didier Le Marchand's lab

Greenwood Mastering : Glenn Miller's lab

Artena Productions SA : pedagogical means

Hussard de Minuit : theatre company


Les Héros Fourbus : theatre company

JBOmedia GmbH : media company

Théâtre Interface : theatre in Sion

Theater Rigiblick : theater in Zürich

Cabry : french pop from Belgium


Nathalie Manser : virtuoso cello player

Vallensis Highlanders : pipes & drums

La Schola : boys and girls choir

Studio des Forces Motrices : studio

Priscilla Bonvin : french country singer


Avec Martine : french speaker

Video Artwork GmbH : film producer

Pfyn / Finges : regional nature park

Nils Martenet : film maker

Ramon + Pedro : Lausanne based film studio


Hastings Audio Network : audio studios

ART Studio Frankfurt : sound designers

Open stage band : music school band








addresses, e-mail, phone, e-banking


Sound lab location

Gunt Productions Studio

7, route de la Monderèche

CH - 3960 Sierre / Switzerland

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Mailing address

Gunt Productions Office

2, Notre-Dame des Marais

CH - 3960 Sierre / Switzerland


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Phone : ++ 41 78 801 72 38


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e-banking coordinates

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Account : H5563414 / UBS Sierre


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